Tuesday, September 21, 2010

His & Hers Chairs

We made our first trip to Green Front Furniture a couple of months ago. And let me pause from my main point to just say - OH MY GOD. Green Front is kind of what I imagine heaven to be like. Although it was overwhelming and made for a long day, it was still magnificent to have so many choices building after building; floor after floor; row after row.

We picked up a bed frame but we struggled with picking out chairs for our front room. I want a wing chair and my husband wants a club chair. We each also want different things from the fabric print. My husband liked the fabrics with neutral colors and basic geometric shapes. I prefer brighter colors with modern designs. I have seen some fantastic vignettes with designers mismatching chairs & fabrics. But can an average joe like myself with no design background actually make that work. Here are the chairs each of us picked out - no final decisions on fabric yet.

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