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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Terrarium. It's all the rage.

I built two terrariums over the weekend.  Picking up all the stuff for it was a pain, but the actually assembly was relatively easy.   I brought one of my new creations into work for my desk.   Almost everyone who walks by my office comments on it.  This is typically how the exchange goes:
Co-worker: What is that?
Me: It's a Terrarium.
Co-worker: Like in 5th grade science class?
Me: Yes, except it's all the rage right now.  Haven't you heard?
Back to the "How-To".   The larger of the two containers was a Christmas present from my mother (she knew I wanted to build a terrarium).  The second I picked up a Home Goods.  The majority of supplies - Pebbles, Moss, Potting Soil and Plants - I picked up at a local nursery.   The odd item to find was activated carbon.  My instructions said to go to an aquarium shop....right like I know where one of those is located.   Good new, it can also be picked up from any pet shop.  To build it you simply layer the items:
1. Pebbles
2. Activated Carbon
3. Moss
4. Potting Soil
5. Plants
I am going to give them a couple of months and see how they do.  Pending all goes well, I plan to make more for gifts or maybe even to sell.  I have been shocked at the positive interest I have received for them. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I am not sure why but I have just not been feeling the "home" thing or blog of late. Maybe it's becuase I am focused on work or maybe I have just been frustrated at how slow things are moving. Whatever the reason, I feel like I am back in the saddle again. I had a very productive weekend to show for it.

First, Whit and I never saw eye to eye on the wedding picture to go in our signature frame. Shown in this blog from almost a year ago...did I already mention the frustation at how slow things move here. I ordered all three pictures this weekend so we can put each picture in the current frame and "live with" each one for a week or so to help us decide.

Second, I also ordered the pictures from my trip to China to finish our guest room. Shown in this blog post from almost a year ago...again with the slow moving thing.

Third, I layed out a moodboard for our living room. Although it didn't take that long to put together, I see it as a HUGE step forward for us in terms of finally getting that room moving. You may remember my blog post for the rug that we bought for that room. As I suspected, the rug held us back in our couch options. We have been shopping for couches off and on over the past year and we always fall short of a decision when it comes to the fabric choice. Last week when we were out looking we decided to look at fabric choices not holding ourselves to the color palete dictated by the rug. We finally reach a concensus - Burnt Orange. So with that in mind here is my moodboard and it's already signed off on by the hubby.

I am in love with the ikat design, but since it might be a fleeting fad I only worked it into the pillows and one accent chair. Hopefully if I grow tired of the design in a couple years it will be easily replaced. I love the color of the couch shown, from Crate & Barrel, but the fabric is kind of rough and scratchy. We will continue to look for something this color, but in a softer fabric. Similarly with the ikat chair from Urban Outfitters, I don't love the chair style but I am hoping I can find a wing back chair in a similar fabric shown above. The leather chair is from Pottery Barn, but we are hoping we can find something more reasonably priced at Green Front in Farmville. Finally I want to finish off the room with a sissal rug and replace the curtain trim with a simple design like the green key shown in either blue or orange. Maybe a year from now I will have an update.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leap of Faith

My husband and I never buy furniture on a whim. Anything from $50 - $4,000 we take weeks or even months to look at options, make pro and con list or just delay decision making. But, we actually took a leap of faith this week. His parents called from a "yard sale" on Saturday about two fantastic black leather love seats they found. I used the " " becuase they were selling very nice antiques as well as $2,000 chandilier so I am not sure the term yard sale really fits. The seller also had the loveseats up on Craiglist, which is where I got this picture.

Apparently in person the wrinkles on the couch are not visible. My husband's parents compare it closely to their black leather loveseat which I have always adored. We plan to use these in our family room in place of our sectional which we always knew was too big for the space. The family room was not high on our list of rooms to focus on, but it was tooo good of a deal to pass up. Our family room currently has tan walls and very little furniture. I am encouraging my husband that we now build a theme around a "Black and Tan" room.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trending Towards Terrariums

On CBS Sunday Morning today they covered the growing trends of terrariums. Did you ever make a terrarium as a child? I might have a new obsession becuase it combines three things I love - decor, plants & nostalgia.

I am currently trying to think of ways I can make enough money making terrariums to earn a living. Speaking of which, check out artist Paula Hayes who has had her terrariums shown at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Painted Dresser

After two months, one day off work, hours of frustration and three rains that almost compromised the project, I am ready to share my progress on the painted dresser. In April we bought a new duvet that is serving as the base design element for our bedroom. Based on feedback from followers and my husband we decided to paint our dressers blue. So here is my journey:

To recap we are starting with two dressers that were painted green with an antiquing finish.

With our new duvet cover we wanted to choose a new color for the dressers that would add to the bright and sunny feel that the pattern on the duvet creates. Our first color choice was a bright blue, but it ended up looking juvenile. It's a great color, but it's more appropriate for a little boy's room.

For the second round we went with a darker blue that looks like the color of denim. I love it! I can't wait to finish the project and show off our bedroom.

One tip/warning about the project. It was recommended to use a latex paint for the dresser. I think it gives the dresser a nice finish, but it's HORRIBLE when you have to sand it off and start over. You may also notice that I only repainted the front of the drawers and kept the inside the brighter blue. Honestly, I was exhausted and I couldn't bring myself to redo those as well. I am just hoping it look "eclectic" and not lazy.