Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Craft Closet

When we were looking at houses, I really wanted a craft room/office of my own. This would be a huge step up from the cabinet in the guest room at the old house. However the house we fell in love with did not deliver on that desire. I did end up with a large closet of my very own and it’s next to an area in our family room that will be perfect for crafts, homework, puzzles etc… That is once we have kids. Right now that area serves as a bar while we are still in our D.I.N.K. stage of life.

All of my crafts and other things were dumped into the closet when we moved in. The mess has been maddening. I finally buckled down and got things in order. It all ran me about $140. The shelving unit was $70 and all the baskets and bins ran about $70. The closet needed to accomodate several hobbies and other things such as old photos and gift wrapping. It's simple, but I am very pleased with the outcome.

Yes.....I am over 30 and still very attached to the stuffed Care Bear. My parents called me Care Bear growing up.

The best idea I had from the whole project was hanging a basket of all my markers and scissors. I find this is what I need to access the most. For situations like - we are running out the door to a birthday party and I need to make a card or we are heading to an 80's party and I need to cut the neck off a sweatshirt because I didn't prepare a proper costume.

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