Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Project: Stop Killing My Plants

Our new house has a delightful sun porch which is also the main entrance of the house. It worked out perfectly that many of our friends and neighbors gave us plants as housewarming gifts. I wanted to use those gifts to make it a bright fun room that would help set a positive tone when people visited. However over the 9 months we have lived here - I have managed to kill 75% of them (okay some are just on their death bed).

The first step to recovery was figuring out exactly what kind of plants I had. I really appreciated this Southern Botanical website that help me identify most.

So I have:
Revolution Croton
Various Aloe
Hoya Hindu Rope Plant
Cactus String
Elephant Foot Palm
Two unidentified croton or dieffenbachia

The first error I made was watering too often. I think I was actually drowning my plants. Most require that you let the soil dry between watering, but I typically kept the soil damp. The second error was that many of my plants are in planters that do not drain - combine with my first error and I wrote their death ticket.

Tomorrow, pending good weather, I am heading to Lowe's to pick up a couple new planters that allow for drainage and some new potting soil. Hopefully some soil with those cool nutrients pellets - I don't know if they work, but they make me feel better.

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