Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Painted Dresser

After two months, one day off work, hours of frustration and three rains that almost compromised the project, I am ready to share my progress on the painted dresser. In April we bought a new duvet that is serving as the base design element for our bedroom. Based on feedback from followers and my husband we decided to paint our dressers blue. So here is my journey:

To recap we are starting with two dressers that were painted green with an antiquing finish.

With our new duvet cover we wanted to choose a new color for the dressers that would add to the bright and sunny feel that the pattern on the duvet creates. Our first color choice was a bright blue, but it ended up looking juvenile. It's a great color, but it's more appropriate for a little boy's room.

For the second round we went with a darker blue that looks like the color of denim. I love it! I can't wait to finish the project and show off our bedroom.

One tip/warning about the project. It was recommended to use a latex paint for the dresser. I think it gives the dresser a nice finish, but it's HORRIBLE when you have to sand it off and start over. You may also notice that I only repainted the front of the drawers and kept the inside the brighter blue. Honestly, I was exhausted and I couldn't bring myself to redo those as well. I am just hoping it look "eclectic" and not lazy.

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