Friday, February 17, 2012

A Terrarium. It's all the rage.

I built two terrariums over the weekend.  Picking up all the stuff for it was a pain, but the actually assembly was relatively easy.   I brought one of my new creations into work for my desk.   Almost everyone who walks by my office comments on it.  This is typically how the exchange goes:
Co-worker: What is that?
Me: It's a Terrarium.
Co-worker: Like in 5th grade science class?
Me: Yes, except it's all the rage right now.  Haven't you heard?
Back to the "How-To".   The larger of the two containers was a Christmas present from my mother (she knew I wanted to build a terrarium).  The second I picked up a Home Goods.  The majority of supplies - Pebbles, Moss, Potting Soil and Plants - I picked up at a local nursery.   The odd item to find was activated carbon.  My instructions said to go to an aquarium shop....right like I know where one of those is located.   Good new, it can also be picked up from any pet shop.  To build it you simply layer the items:
1. Pebbles
2. Activated Carbon
3. Moss
4. Potting Soil
5. Plants
I am going to give them a couple of months and see how they do.  Pending all goes well, I plan to make more for gifts or maybe even to sell.  I have been shocked at the positive interest I have received for them. 

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