Friday, January 8, 2010

The Middle: Jeans

I love watching "The Middle" on ABC Comedy Wednesday. There are so many situations and references that remind me of growing up in Indiana. On the most recent episode "The Jeans", teenager Sue wants an expensive pair of jeans to fit in with her friends. My husband and I started discussing the best way to handle these requests when we have children.

I think it's okay to buy the jeans, given that you set a budget for clothes and they understand that the jeans may take most of that budget. He suggest only taking them shopping twice a year. Of course, I laughed out loud. I tried to explain how women shop. Sometimes we shop for necessity because we need something specific. Sometimes we shop for an occasion. Sometimes we shop to make ourselves feel better. I was amazed that he absolutely couldn't grasp the idea of buying something to give you more confidence. I am so worried if we have daughters.

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