Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pillow Fight

Which pillow will prevail? I am setting up a sitting area for a party this Saturday night and I can't decide on the best pillow for my matching Ikea chairs. The chairs are pretty hum-drum by themselves so I need a little eye candy. I would love your opinion. **Note that the green one is not yet finished, the fabric is just draped.

On a somewhat related note I have two announcements. First I am going to stop torturing my [two] followers with cell phone pictures. Second and more exciting....industrious life will be changing it's name shortly to compliment a start-up craft business I have in the works.


  1. i like the red one better. it pops.

  2. I like the red one too, I love the green fabric, but the red color looks better in the room.

  3. Oh and Yeah on the name change/craft endeavor!

  4. I like the red on better in the fall/winter and the green one in the spring and summer. See, everyone wins!