Sunday, August 29, 2010

Additional Seating

Several months ago, I helped my husband's parents with their yard sale. A family friend dropped off these directors chairs to sell. While I was working, it occurred to me that directors chairs could provide great additional seating for parties. They fold up easily to go into closets, basements or attics when they are not in use. More importantly they can be much more stylish than metal folding chairs.

At the end of the yard sale they didn't sell so I was able to score these for free. I really wanted to sew new backs and seats becuase I would have a world of fabric options. But the fear of it not holding and having a friend fall to ground mid-party led me to the decision to buy new ones at Pier 1 ($12 each). With the additional help of a $4 can of glossy black paint, I have additional seating when friends come over.

For now these won't be going into a closet just yet. These will come in handy with our current lack of furniture. I moved our new Ikea chairs to the living room and the directors chairs now call our sun porch home.

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