Thursday, November 4, 2010

Joining the WWE

So I have decided to the join the Wonderful World of Etsy. More than anything I just wanted to be part of this fast growing, curious beast that everyone is talking about. I really struggled to come up with something to sell. First thought was to enlist in the "upcycled" goods trend. (Sorry Sara I know you hate that word). However I couldn't come up with a "unique value proposition" that they talk about in my business classes that would differentiate me from everyone else. I did invest in spiffing up a nut cracker so that is listed in my store.

I finally settled on making and selling draft stoppers. When I was living in the fan district of Richmond all the apartments are old and drafty. Since it was a rental I didn't want to spend money on any permanent solutions so I set out to find a draft stopper for my door. The big box stores offered boring plain ones in blue or brown. I also found some through crafters but those came in 3 designs - snake, wiener dog or snowman doing the splits. It was sad to think about adding any of these to the house I thoughtfully decorated so I just put on an extra pair of socks and a couple layers of sweaters to get through the winter.

Custom options are available to fit your home decor.

I am still struggling with the best location or angle to take pictures of them? I would love any advice on that subject.

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