Saturday, April 16, 2011

Proud Piece

We wanted something that would go in our family room in the space between the kitchen and the basement door. Something that could hold mail, cell phone chargers, etc... Of course this was not a piece of furniture that we wanted to spend much money on. It's not a high priority becuase we would rather save that money for a dining room table or couch for the front room. I think I scored big at the neighborhood yard sale! This writing desk was marked at $50, but with nasty weather on my side I talked the owner down to $30. I think my husband is still coming around to it, but I am happy with my find. Once we get things planned out a little better in our family room I would love to paint this and add some funky handles, but I need to give it time to settle into the room.
On a side note, I realized today that due to my husband's influence I have started calling our furniture "pieces". Growing up this piece would have gone by the name "the table in the family room" or maybe "that writing desk". Is this an east coast thing or maybe just a trait of people who appreciate antiques. I am just wondering if a $30 yard sale find really earns the designation of a "piece".

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