Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Homework: Interior Designers

We spent years studying topics that many of us no longer even think about. Like history...snoozefest. I find it interesting that we don't really study anymore even on topics that we now love. So I am giving myself a homework assignment. Elle just posted their 2011 A-List for Interior Designers and I am going to study each of their portfolios. I really want to use this assignment to see what leading designers are doing in terms of matching colors and patterns.

I am also hoping this project will help me better define my style. This is becoming more and more of an issue as we fill our house. When I am out shopping everything looks "pretty". However, buying things that I find pretty often don't combine into any type of holistic vision for the room. Calling myself "eclectic" isn't really working anymore when things don't coordinate.

So far I am loving Shelia Bridges & Kathryn Ireland. I love their take on classic styles, but both adds a bit of funk through colors and patterns. The main difference seems to be that Kathryn's choices of fabrics are more worldly and her rooms are more relaxed. Shelia uses more modern fabric designs and has a more sophisticated portfolio. (If that were an essay answer - do you think it's 'A' worthy?)

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